Best streetwear brands in Australia in 2023

2 male models wearing A Few Good Kids tees with sneakers and streetwear's in background at KICKSTW

Looking for the best streetwear brands to show off in 2023? Whether you’re seeking some new kicks, the latest designs or something retro, this year is already showing lots of promise. 

Here’s a list of the best streetwear brands in Australia for 2023:

#1 13De Marzo

a female model wearing a 13de marzo denim jacket with multiple teddy bears attached to the jacket

Oversized tees and other apparel aren’t the only things that make 13De Marzo a stand-out choice for streetwear.

Their products gained fame and popularity after they started adding plush bears on the back of their designs. Now, most of their streetwear can be identified by the plush animals placed in various locations on their clothing. 

So far bears and rabbits are the prominent species, but who knows what will come next? Keep your eye out and see if you find these one-of-a-kind fashion statements, and grab yours in 2023. 

#2 A Few Good Kids

A few good kids baseball jackets
A few good kids baseball jackets

Founded by MaSiWei from the hip-hop group Higher Brothers, A Few Good Kids is a blend of old and new. 

While A Few Good Kids features many classic styles of streetwear, they bring along a touch of the preppy, especially with their varsity jackets and even leather biker jackets. 

#3 Supreme

Supreme _Play Dead_ Tee White + Box Logo Crew

Possibly the most influential streetwear brand of the last 16 years, Supreme shows no sign of slowing down in 2023. 

Selling everything from hoodies to housewares, to the skateboard decks that they started with, you know what you’re getting with Supreme. They’re connected to everything streetwear and their collaborations are everywhere.

We can’t wait to see how they continue to revolutionise fashion and streetwear. Get in quick though, they’re already in high demand. 


ADLV Teddy Bear (Bear Doll) Tee & Hoodie Black banner

High-quality streetwear at affordable prices is the bottom line when it comes to Acme De La Vie

The Korean brand has been making waves in the six years since it opened, and its iconic baby face series has become a staple among celebrities. 

But worry not, you don’t have to have celebrity money to be able to afford the luxury clothing ADLV offers. They bring celebrity fashion to everyone. 


The gateway for teens into the world of streetwear, the Japanese brand A Bathing Monkey is one of the premier icons of the industry. 

Affectionately known as BAPE, their signature camo print and wacky designs have introduced a new style to the streetwear scene. Get your BAPE apparel now and join the world of alternative fashion. 

#6 Anti Social Social Club

Characterised by the irreverent and edgy, Anti Social Social Club has stuck in the hearts of millions. 

Their founder, Neek Lurk, uses his designs to represent all the “negative stuff” in the world, such as mental struggles and depression. Lurk and ASSC have definitely tapped into something though, because they are constantly sold out online with people rushing to buy anything he puts out. Our feeling is that 2023 will be no different. 

#7 Fear Of God Essentials

Comfort and luxury can often seem contradictory in fashion, but Jerry Lorenzo has managed to blend the two with Fear of God Essentials

This luxury streetwear brand has prioritised neutral colours, high quality, and comfort to create all-round brilliance. The brand somehow manages to be perfect for a night in town or for lounging around at home all at once. For those who want an outfit for all occasions, this might be worth a look. 

#8 Chrome Hearts

Bright colours and comfort are at the heart of Chrome Hearts’ streetwear designs. 

An anomaly in the fashion scene, Chrome Hearts has been around for more than 30 years but has only recently become mainstream. The mysterious brand has been making one-off designs for those in the know since its birth but has finally put its clothing on sale and is quickly taking the world by storm. 

#9 Galliano Landor

Constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion and streetwear, Galliano Landor has made itself a key player in the three years since it started. 

Looking to create a revolution in the industry, every Galliano Landor collection reinvents how streetwear and fashion can be used. We have no idea what’s coming next, but we’re excited to see what they do this year. 


#10 Cactus Plant Flea Market

Many will recognise the wonky, four-eyed, smiley-face logo of Cactus Plant Flea Market but it’s a brand that is surrounded by secrecy. 

The enigmatic streetwear of Cynthia Lu and CPFM is inspired by flea market finds, luxury designs and a connection to celebrities like Pharrell Williams and fashion brands like ASSC.

#11 Kanye West/Yeezy

Ye’s collaboration with Adidas, that resulted in Yeezy, has gone through some tumultuous times that ended with their eventual split in 2022, after a series of off-colour remarks made by the rapper. 

The iconic streetwear brand influenced many fashion brands and, while its fate is uncertain, its streetwear is still flying off the shelves. 

#12 Travis Scott

Not content with being a trailblazer in the music industry, Travis Scott used his artistic talent to become equally influential in the fashion industry. 

His brand, Cactus Jack, can be seen everywhere in the fashion industry and doesn’t show any sign of fading. Instead, it’s only picking up steam, both in its own range and in collaborations with the likes of Air Jordan. 

#13 KAWS

An icon in the fashion industry, the artist KAWS has work spanning across graffiti art, toys and, of course, streetwear. 

Immersed in street culture, KAWS has translated his style and life into the history of streetwear. His collaborations can be found everywhere in the fashion industry, with popular collabs available with the likes of Air Jordan, BAPE, Uniqlo and more. 

#14 Charlie Luciano

A combination of tradition and technology, Charlie Luciano is a hotly sought-after unisex brand. 

Their proud Italian-crafted, high-quality clothing lines blend mythology and science fiction themes with classic streetwear. Since it started in 2015, the Charlie Luciano brand has developed a cult following of avid customers prompting its global expansion. 

#15 Ambler

Featuring cute animal embroidery, Korean brand Ambler has been making its mark on the fashion industry. 

Based on freedom and nature, their embroidered tees and hoodies are a tapestry of colours and patterns, showing off the best of the world. Their line is top quality and unisex, making them a great addition to anyone’s collection.

These streetwear brands have left an indelible mark on contemporary fashion, but their designs are rooted in a movement that’s much more than clothing. To fully appreciate the brands we’ve discussed, take a moment to explore the origins and influences of streetwear.



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