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About Nike Air Jordan 1 Highs

Back in the 1980s, when Michael Jordan signed a five-year contract with Nike, it was a historic event that no one could have predicted would have such an impact on the sneaker industry. Their collaboration served as the cornerstone for the development of modern sneaker culture as we know it today.

On the back of the Air Jordan 1 High, Jordan brand has built a huge global fanbase, with an almost cult-like following for each release. It all started in 1984 when Jordan wore the first pair of Jordan sneakers on the court and received a fine as a result. Finally releasing in 1985, on the back of hype generated through the banning by the NBA as well as Jordan’s play on the court, the Air Jordan 1 High changed sneaker culture forever with colourway releases that are still relevant to this day.

The Air Jordan 1 High has the most original colorways of any Air Jordan model still to this day and all seem to tell a story of the iconic rise of the world greatest basketball player. The three Chicago Bulls friendly colorways, the “Chicago”,  the“Bred”, and the “Black Toes” are the only colourways we ever saw Jordan wearing on an NBA court, but a multitude of other colourways have cemented their presence in sneaker culture. The Air Jordan 1 High Shadow, Black and White, Royal, Kentucky, and the UNC are all staples that have been re-released over the years to much hype and are highly recognized as grails within the sneaker community.

The Air Jordan 1 High has only continued to soar in popularity, even more than 35 years later, holding its relevance in various parts of culture and across many demographics. This is mainly due to the release of the documentary “The Last Dance” as well as its continued significance through trending celebrities and brand collaborations, such as Dior, Off-White and Union LA. This is evident by the over 5 billion in sales Jordan brand reported in 2022 alone. The Jordan 1 High silhouette will undoubtedly continue to surge in popularity, particularly with the new movie AIR coming out in April 2023 and its continued re-imagining of its iconic design.

The Jordan 1 High seems to be going nowhere and will remain at the peak of hype culture for many years to come.

The rising popularity of the Jordan 1 High awards many opportunities for both short term and long term investments, due to their relevance in various subcultures. Speak to our friendly staff at KICKSTW who can assist you in choosing the right Air Jordan 1 High for you!



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Air Jordan 1 Retro High Shadow 2.0



Air Jordan 1 Retro High Shadow 2.0

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