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Galliano Landor

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Galliano Landor launched in 2019 with the release of their Fall/Winter range that mainly consisted of high-quality hand painted denim pieces and multifunctional wool and velvet jackets and pants. Since then, Galliano Landor has evolved into a brand that aims to create a revolution in clothing and how we express ourselves through fashion. As the creator stresses, being known for a silhouette and not just a logo is paramount to how they function as a brand.

The 2020 Fall/Winter collection saw Galliano Landor take the next step into the fashion world. Based around the spirit of peace and love, the collection revolves around concepts of black and white which represents the balancing of opposites. Self-expression is a strong focus of the collection, with pockets being the core feature of the various garments which features a balance of both comfort and functionability.

The most recent release by Galliano Landor is the 2021 Spring/Summer collection, which saw the brand take another game changing step into the competitive fashion world. This collection features the main concepts of deconstruction and patchwork or as the designer calls it “irrational clothing made to increase the spirit of exploration.” The collection is much more diverse with the addition of neutral tones of grey, khaki and brown colours and the heavy use of both corduroy and suede fabrics. Modern garments have been added, such as the red knitted jacquard, with red representing the first colour we see when we are born and the addition of earthy tones of green and blue to represent the environment we live in. Denim has been a main feature of the past collections of Galliano Landor and this collection is no different. Washed Denim is features in many pieces and compliments the patchwork style featured in this release.

Galliano Landor, while still only relatively new in the fashion realm has undoubtably made its mark in the short time its been active. It’s strong focus on consumer expression and its approach to equality by creating mostly unisex garments only means it’s here to stay.

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Galliano Landor Deconstructed Sweatshorts Dark Brown



Galliano Landor Deconstructed Sweatshorts Dark Brown

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