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About Air Jordan 1 Mid

Jordan Brands Air Jordan 1 High is a generational shoe that is many things at once: It’s the very first signature shoe of the single greatest basketball player who ever lived, it’s the sneaker that evolved into a collectible piece, created a shift of sneakers into high-end fashion, and is a classic silhouette that’s various designs tells the numerous stories of Michael Jordan’s successful career, connecting generations. It’s also the most popular sneaker of today, even more than 35 years later with Jordan Brands’ revenue exceeding $3.6 billion in the 2020 financial year alone. This rise in popularity, particularly in the last year, was propelled by the Netflix documentary ‘The Last Dance’, which surged the popularity of the coveted sneakers for non-sneakerheads and for older generations feeling nostalgic. One surprisingly massive shift in the market, that was arguably a direct cause of this documentary is the sudden ‘rise of the Mids’, which no one saw coming. Jordan 1 Mids are essentially the same shoe, only a few centimetres lower in height, cheaper in price and much, much easier to obtain (Well, they were!). Jordan 1 Mids pre-2020 mostly stayed on shelfs and were loathed by sneakerheads worldwide, however the last 9 months we have seen Jordan 1 Mids become one of the most popular silhouettes, essentially becoming unobtainable on the retail market. Since 2020 the Jordan 1 Mid not only became one of our top-selling silhouettes at KICKSTW but also opened our business to a new demographic customer base, with an increase in sales to teenage females. Jordan 1 Mid’s popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down and is undoubtably here to stay, due to them being a cheaper alternative for youth because of the ridiculous rise of prices of the Jordan 1 High. All that seems to be left, for this once hated but now popular sneaker is for the Jordan 1 Mid to be granted grail status. KICKSTW has the largest collection of Jordan 1 Mids, at the cheapest prices in Australia. Join the hype train and get yours today!


Is Jordan 1 Mid true to size?

Yes, the Jordan 1 Mid generally fits true to size, however, please note that fit preferences can vary between individuals. 

Is Jordan 1 Mid better than Jordan 1 High?

Sneaker enthusiasts who prefer a more relaxed fit around the ankle might find the lower collar height of the Mid’s more comfortable compared to the Jordan 1 High that have ankle support that goes up higher than the Mid.

What does Mids mean?

Mids is the middle option between lows and highs.

What’s the difference between Mid and High?

Jordan 1 Mids have a lower collar height compared to the Jordan 1 High. The Jordan 1 Mid also has a different tongue tag, showcasing the Jumpman logo, whereas the Jordan 1 High tongue tag has the Nike Air logo. There is also one less set of lace holes in the Jordan 1 Mid compared to the Jordan 1 High.

 Why are Jordan 1 Mids so popular?

The Jordan 1 Mid is more of an affordable alternative to the Jordan 1 High. They are also more accessible than the Jordan 1 Highs as they don’t sell out as quickly, therefore giving you the option to get a pair of Jordans without having to pay the high resell prices of the Jordan 1 High

Is Jordan 1 Mid comfortable?

All models of the Jordan 1 are made to provide comfort as they were originally made to be made to play basketball, thus having the suitable technology for lasting comfort.

Why are Jordan 1 Mids expensive?

Just like any Jordan sneakers, they are made in limited quantities. This creates a resell market for the shoes as specific colours and sizes can be difficult to acquire, making their market value higher than their original retail price. The price of the Jordan 1 Mid is also attributed to the history of the shoe and its association with Michael Jordan.

Why were the Jordan 1 Mids made?

The Jordan 1 Mids were made as an option for those who liked the ankle support of the Jordan 1 High however found that the upper collar was too high and uncomfortable. The Jordan 1 Mid provides the same ankle support without fears of comfortability.

Are Jordan 1 Mids easy to crease?

The leather that is used to make these shoes provides great durability and structure, however is susceptible to creasing, especially in areas of frequent movement such as the toe box.

How can I avoid creasing my Jordan 1 Mids?

Crease shields are a good preventative measure to minimize the creasing in the toe box of the shoe.

How can you tell if Jordan 1 Mid is fake?

KICKSTW only sells 100% authentic items. If you have an existing pair that you are unsure about its authenticity, there are often discrepancies in colour, size of the panels, the quality of the materials, and also the printing of the Air Jordan branding, and logos can all be tell-tale signs of an unauthentic product.

Is Jordan 1 mid good for sport?

The Jordan 1 Mid is made to play basketball, thus has adequate traction in the soles and has the correct structure to provide support while playing on the court.

Can I go running in Jordan 1 Mid?

The Jordan 1 mid is not recommended to be used as running shoes as the shoes can start to feel heavy during your run. These shoes are more suitable to be worn as walking/lifestyle shoes.

Can I wear Jordan 1 Mids every day?

Yes, Jordan 1 Mids are a very comfortable lifestyle shoe that can be worn every day.

Can I wear Jordan 1 Mid to the gym?

Yes, Jordan 1 Mids can be a good shoe option when going to the gym for strength training as they provide stability and foot support.



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