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We all know and love Anti Social Social Club. This brand originated in Los Angeles and was created by Neek Lurk in 2015. This brand focuses more on mental struggles that are otherwise hidden away from the public, with the Anti Social Social Club branding being recognisable by many people, it unites individuals through streetwear.

In the early stages of the brand, Neek Lurk was still working at Stüssy as a social media manager and he used his experience and skills in social media marketing to promote the brand online, which helped Anti Social Social Club gain a significant following on Instagram and other social media platforms. Initially only posting mock-ups of 12 designs on his Instagram, Lurk found himself in the midst of huge support and sold out all of the original designs. The brand gained rapid popularity within the streetwear industry with its colourful and bold graphic designs with an emphasis on streetwear aesthetics.

According to an interview with Neek Lurk, the idea for the brand came about after a painful breakup with a girl in late 2014. He created a simple hat with the phrase “I miss you” embroidered on it and posted a photo of it on Instagram. The hat received positive feedback from his followers and quickly sold out. This inspired him to create more merchandise with the Anti Social Social Club branding.

After a year of launching, Anti Social Social Club held a pop-up shop in Los Angeles, with the phrase ‘Get Weird’ placed in the front. This pop-up had fans of the brand flock to the shop in order to get their hands on a piece of exclusive streetwear. As the website was always sold out, this move was highly appreciated, as it was compared to brand drops such as Supreme, where people would willingly line up for hours to get a piece. The brand’s limited releases and high demand have also helped to contribute to its popularity. Anti Social Social Club often releases its products in small drops, which creates a sense of exclusivity. It’s understandable that fans of the brand line up for hours to get their hands on the latest releases, and prices for secondhand items can skyrocket due to their rarity.

The spike in popularity caught the attention of many celebrities such as Kanye West who collaborated with Adidas to create Yeezy, Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevinge, G-Dragon, and more as they have been spotted wearing the popular brand. As these garments are acceptable by big names, it has created a higher demand for the brand as it becomes a hyped brand.

It’s not only top celebrities that have their eye on the brand, other streetwear brands have also been interested in Anti Social Social Club, as brands such as Vans, Bape, Dover Street Market, and Hello Kitty have collaborated with Anti Social Social Club, expanding the realm of the brand.

Anti Social Social Club continues to be a popular brand among fans of streetwear and urban fashion. Its unique designs, use of social media, and limited releases have helped to create a loyal following that eagerly awaits each new drop.

What does Anti Social Social Club stand for?

Anti Social Social Club places a spotlight on mental health issues amongst the general population. The issues generally cause individuals to withdraw from society, however, the brand aims to unite people together even through their individual challenges.

How do you know if Anti Social Social Club is real?

KICKSTW only sells 100% authentic items, however, there are multiple ways to determine if your garment is authentic. One key giveaway is the font of the writing, replica garments tend to have thicker letters than the original logo. There may also be discrepancies in the materials used for the clothing.

What is the sizing like?

ASSC generally fits true to size, however, personal fit preferences can vary from person to person.

Who owns Anti Social Social Club?

ASSC is now owned by Marquee Brands however was originally created by Neek Lurk.

How did the brand start?

This brand was created after Neek Lurk’s breakup with his former girlfriend, which inspired him to create a cap with the simple words ‘I miss you’ and the Anti Social Social Club logo on the side. This is ultimately what started the brand.

Are the ASSC hoodies warm?

The hoodies are lightweight, meaning you may need an extra layer for really cold days, however, would be a perfect option for a slightly chilly day.

Is Anti Social Social Club still trendy?

Although the brand is not as hyped as it was when it first gained traction, it is still a piece that is well respected and recognised within the streetwear world.

Do Anti Social Social Club clothes shrink in the wash?

ASSC clothing may shrink when washed, we recommend cold wash and hang dry to maintain the size of the garment.



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Anti Social Social Club ASSC Blow To The Chest Tee Black



Anti Social Social Club ASSC Blow To The Chest Tee Black

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