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The Yeezy Foam RNNR is one of the most unique shoes we’ve seen from Kanye West. The shoe features a striking design that looks unworldly. Many describe this shoe as alien-like or just plain weird, but whether or not you think this shoe is for you, it’s undeniable that they have made a name for themselves as one of the most comfortable shoes.

Unlike traditional sneakers, the Foam RNNR does not have many construction components such as an upper, mid-sole, outsole, tongue, etc. but rather is made up of one piece that creates the whole shoe. The material of this shoe is ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and algae foam, making this shoe eco-friendly. With these materials, Kanye and Adidas aim to reduce their impact on the environment by farming their algae, using eco-friendly dyes, and manufacturing processes.

As the shoe is one singular piece of foam, it allows for easy wear for users as it is easily slipped on and off, however, will not slip off the foot while being worn as the heel construction prevents slipping. The shoe does not include any laces, buckles, or straps, contributing to the minimalist and contemporary design. The dimpled insole also provides a slight grip inside the shoe in case of sweat. Additionally, due to the algae foam material, the shoe’s insole will mold to the shape of your foot over time as you wear them.

The Foam RNNRs have an aerodynamic design that makes the shoe almost weightless, it also has many holes around the shoe to promote airflow and circulation further providing a light and airy feel to the shoe. The sustainable materials and processes of the shoe have been recognised and praised by many while also holding the ability to be versatile and comfortable.

The footwear model has thick cushioning to provide comfort straight out of the box, however, the thickness of the cushioned sole is focused more on the heel of the shoe, providing support according to usual weight distributions. The materials are able to withstand tests against durability as the algae foam is difficult to scratch, tear and break. Showing shining colours when it comes to functionality. The outsoles of the Foam RNNRs are patterned with ridges throughout, making it suitable for casual lifestyle wear as the traction is used for a multi-surface grip.

Despite its unconventional design, the Foam RNNR has been successful within the sneaker community and has since been released in many colours. Coinciding with the sustainable measures, the Foam RNNR has been released mainly earthy tones such as Sand, Onyx, Stone Sage, MX Cinder, and more.


Is it ok to wear Yeezy Foam RNNRs in the rain?

Yeezy Foam RNNR material can definitely withstand rain, meaning that the material will not be compromised in any way due to rain. However, due to the porous design, you may be walking around with wet feet.

Are you supposed to wear socks with the Yeezy Foam RNNRs?

Foam RNNRs can be worn with or without socks.

What size should I get?

We recommend staying true to size with Foam RNNRS. If your true size is a half-size (ex. US 9.5) we recommend sizing up to the next full size for a more comfortable fit, as the Yeezy Foam RNNR line does not produce half sizes. Please keep in mind that size preferences can differ between individuals. Refer to our size guide for more information.

How can you tell if Yeezy Foam RNNRs are real?

At KICKSTW we only provide 100% authentic items. Fake Yeezy Foam RNNRs usually have a different material feel and also may not have accurate branding embossed into the inner part of the shoe.

Can Foam RNNRs be used for running?

Foam RNNRs are more for casual wear, and not made for running/jogging as the sole traction is not sufficient enough to support you on your run.



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Adidas Yeezy Foam RNR Stone Salt



Adidas Yeezy Foam RNR Stone Salt

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