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Originally released in 1990, the Air Jordan 5 is a classic sneaker that holds a special place in sneaker history. Designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield, who was also responsible for the design of many other iconic Jordans, the Jordan 5 was a ground-breaking shoe that combined innovative performance features with an unforgettable aesthetic.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Jordan 5 is its unique design. The high-top silhouette provides optimum ankle support, making it an ideal choice for basketball players. However, the midsole is what truly stands out. Featuring a design inspired by World War II fighter planes, which Tinker Hatfield referred to as “shark teeth,” the angular, contrasting pattern on the midsole gives the shoe an aggressive, dynamic look.

The upper part of the Jordan 5 consists of premium materials like leather and suede, slightly changing between colorways. This ensures not just a luxurious look and feel, but also durability. From a performance standpoint, the Jordan 5 is well-equipped to handle the work required in a basketball game, but also the demands of daily wear. The visible Air-Sole unit in the heel offers top-tier impact absorption, protecting your feet whether you’re landing a jump shot or simply walking down the street.

The clear sole and reflective 3M tongue are other key design elements that differentiate the Jordan 5 from other sneakers. The tongue also includes the famous Jumpman logo, adding to the overall branding and identity of the shoe. Additionally, the Jordan 5 features a lace lock which allows for a secure, customizable fit, ensuring comfort at all times.

Over the years, the Jordan 5 has seen countless colorways and collaborations, each one adding a unique spin to the classic design. Some of the most beloved versions include the iconic PSG and the bold Fire Red colorways. High-profile collaborations with brands like Off-White and Supreme have also been released, further cementing the Jordan 5’s status as a sought-after sneaker.

The Jordan 5 also holds cultural significance. As part of the Air Jordan line, it represents a key chapter in the story of Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Wearing a pair of Jordan 5s is not just a fashion statement, but also a nod to the iconic history and heritage of basketball and sneaker culture.

In conclusion, the Jordan 5 is a timeless sneaker that combines style, performance, and history. Its distinctive design, coupled with its comfort and functionality, makes it a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast. Whether you’re a basketball player, a sneakerhead, or just someone who appreciates quality footwear, the Jordan 5 is a shoe that deserves a place in your collection.

How does the Jordan 5 fit?

Jordan 5 generally fits true to size. However, size preferences between individuals can vary.

Can you play basketball in Jordan 5?

Yes. Jordan 5’s were designed to play basketball and is equipped with adequate support for you to play basketball. However, some individuals may find this shoe to be slightly heavy when playing.

Are Jordan 5’s comfortable?

Absolutely. The Jordan 5 was designed to be comfortable with its built-in Air pocket to provide you with support.

How do you clean Jordan 5?

It is recommended to use a suede eraser for suede panels, and a sneaker cleaning solution for other portions of the shoe. Use at your own discretion.

How can you tell if Jordan 5 is fake?

KICKSTW only sells authentic products. Fake Jordan 5s may have, and not limited to discrepancies in the stitching throughout the shoe, angles and depths of the ‘shark teeth’ in the midsole, colour and quality of materials of the upper and also in the labels stitched inside of the shoe.




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Air Jordan 5 Retro DJ Khaled We The Best Crimson Bliss

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