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The Air Jordan 4, released in February of 1989, was the brainchild of Tinker Hatfield, the inventive genius who also designed the Jordan 3. The original colourways of the Air Jordan 4 included Military Black, Bred, Fire Red, Red Thunder and more. These designs all featured the iconic Jumpman logo on the tongue and a Nike Air logo on the heel, along with a visible Nike Air bubble on the midsole, a design element that mimics the Jordan 3.

The design process for these shoes was a collaborative effort, with Hatfield keen on involving Michael Jordan himself. The goal was to create a shoe that not only had the correct materials and functions suitable for a top-tier athlete but also mirrored the personal style and essence of Jordan himself. This collaborative approach resulted in the design of the fourth shoe and Hatfield placing an even greater emphasis on success this time around.

The shoe effectively bridged the gap between performance footwear and fashion statement, a balance that few other models have been able to accomplish. While the Air Jordan 3 was focused on aesthetic appeal, Hatfield decided to take a more practical approach with the Air Jordan 4. He introduced breathability with the mesh side panel to enhance performance. This mesh panel was coated in soft plastic and then air was blown through the mesh to clear plastic from the holes, providing superior breathability compared to fabric shoes.

In addition to the innovative mesh panel, the creation of the Air Jordan 4 wasn’t just about producing another athletic shoe. It was about pushing boundaries and challenging norms. The use of Durabuck (synthetic leather) was a bold move that spoke volumes about the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. This material offered durability while also being animal-friendly, a significant step forward in ethical fashion. The Air Jordan 4 also featured wing locks and extra holes on either side of the foot for customization, allowing wearers to break in the sneaker in various ways. The name “Air Jordan” was inscribed on the inside of the tongue, adding another unique touch to the design.

As the Jordan 4 begins to move off the court and into the streetwear scene, it invites one of the most notable collaborations for this silhouette. The Off-White Jordan 4 is one of the most popular contemporary interpretations of this classic sneaker. This demonstrates the appeal of the Air Jordan 4 and its place in the hall of iconic streetwear. Another unforgettable collaboration for this sneaker includes the Eminem and Travis Scott collaboration. These shoes hold significance due to their impact on pop culture and music, making them the perfect streetwear shoe.

Ultimately, the Air Jordan 4 isn’t just a sneaker, it’s a piece of fashion history. Its innovative design, cultural significance, and popularity solidify its status as a classic in the realm of streetwear. Whether on the basketball court or the city streets, the Air Jordan 4 continues to make its mark, one step at a time.

What was the first Jordan 4’s to release?

The OG colours of the Jordan 4 are the White Cement and Bred.

What are the most popular Jordan 4 colourways?

Some of the most sought-after Jordan 4 colourways include Bred, Military Black, White Oreo and University Blue.

How does Jordan 4’s fit?

Jordan 4’s generally fit true to size, however, fit preferences between individuals may vary.

Why are Jordan 4’s so expensive?

Jordan 4s have skyrocketed in demand, thus driving up the price of the sneaker model.

Are Jordan 4’s comfortable?

Jordan 4’s usually require you to break them in before you notice sufficient comfortability.

How can I stop my Jordan 4s from creasing?

Crease shields are a great option to minimise creasing on the toe box of the shoe.

What’s so different about Jordan 4?

Jordan 4s have the unique feature of triangular support wings up the sides of the sneaker that give a distinct design element.

Why do people like Jordan 4?

The Jordan 4 is liked by many as the shoe has an iconic design that easily is incorporated into streetwear, which has had an overwhelming influence on the way people dress today.



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