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The journey to what has become the highly successful brand “Fear Of God Essentials” began in 2013 by Jerry Lorenzo. Jerry’s father’s career in Major League Baseball eventually led Jerry to manage MLB player Matt Kemp, who Jerry first began to help with his image and styling. During that time Jerry was also an event promoter and met Pusha-T, Kid Cudi & Virgil Abloh. These events prompted Jerry to change careers, and with an original budget of $14,000, he kicked off his label Fear Of God (FOG).

Fear Of God began gaining traction from the interest of Big Sean which later traveled down the line to none other than Ye (the artist formerly known as Kanye West). Jerry first worked with Kanye West on Kanye’s A.P.C collection. From there FOG skyrocketed to the forefront of luxury street fashion brands.

Now enter Fear Of God Essentials (FOG Essentials). Taking inspiration from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season basic tonal loungewear, FOG Essentials was introduced through a collaboration with U.S retailer Pacsun, like Kanye West’s Pacsun x Yeezus Tour Merch. FOG Essentials is Jerry’s vision of a diffusion line that would bring his audience the feel of FOG and make it accessible to the masses.

Fear Of God Essentials delivers premium boxy aesthetics with minimal branding that can be styled with pretty much anything. With everyone from Kanye West, and Justin Bieber to Gigi Hadid wearing FOG Essentials hoodies & FOG Essentials tees, it’s easy to see why the hype is here to stay!

How does Fear of God Essentials fit?

Fear of God Essentials are known to be over-sized, however the sizing differs slightly with each drop. We recommend to size down one size for a more fitted look, however, fit preferences can differ between individuals. Refer to the official Fear of God Essentials size guide for more clarification.

What is Fear of God Essentials?

Fear of God was created by designer, Jerry Lorenzo in 2013, first releasing g contemporary apparel. The fashion label then released the ESSENTIALS range, creating a new take on athleisure fashion with its minimalist designs.

Why is Fear of God Essentials so expensive?

The Essentials range is highly sought after and is released in limited quantities. The garments themselves are made with quality materials, delivering a premium feel. This combined with the high demand for the range reflects in the price tag.

Is Fear of God and Essentials different?

Jerry Lorenzo originally created Fear of God, and contains the luxury apparel that is seen on runways. After establishing the Fear of God label, Essentials was released in 2018 as a sister brand to Fear of God, designed to be more accessible but still hold the quality standards of Fear of God.

What is the most popular Essentials item?

One of the best-selling Essentials garment is the Fear of God Essentials Hoodie (SS22) Stretch Limo. Despite being released in the 2022 collection, this hoodie is a fan favourite due to its monochromatic and minimalist design that is recognised by many.

Why did Essentials get so popular?

The hype for Essentials skyrocketed due to the brand’s ability to balance between luxury, durability, and design. Essentials have been recognised for its perfect construction of oversized and boxy silhouettes, and the minimalist streetwear aesthetic has also been seen on many celebrities, creating more traction for the brand.

How do I know that my Fear of God Essential hoodie is real?

Here at KICKSTW we ensure that all of our products are 100% guaranteed to be authentic.

Why is your price higher than the original retail price?

We take pride in delivering you the latest brands at our best prices possible. Essentials are released in limited quantities but are highly sought after, which drives the market price for these pieces even higher. Essentials are also made high quality materials and are long lasting, therefore people are willing to pay a premium to get their hands on Essentials as they are quick to sell out on their retail releases.



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