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Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting world of 13De Marzo! You may have already noticed stylish individuals decorating their outfits with adorable bears, lovable bunnies, or charming characters. Look closely, and you’ll discover the magic of 13De Marzo!

Officially established in Paris in 2018 by visionary designers ERIC and LESLIE, 13De Marzo derives its name from the Spanish phrase for the “13th of March,” a significant date marking the brand’s birth. But it holds an even deeper significance, evoking a sense of joyfulness and tranquillity that represents every aspect of the brand.

With an avant-garde approach to streetwear fashion, 13De Marzo has effortlessly carved its niche in the industry. Their clothing embodies a refreshing simplicity that harmoniously blends beauty and design, offering wearers an extraordinary and unparalleled experience. A distinguishing feature of the brand lies in their likeness for decorating their clothing pieces with cute bears, adorable bunnies, and beloved characters, transforming each garment into a statement piece. This whimsical touch instills a delightful sense of innocence and nostalgia in all who wear their pieces.

13De Marzo explores a world of limitless style possibilities from head to toe, This remarkable brand has meticulously crafted an array of fashion marvels, ranging from hats and socks to accessories, tees, suits, jackets, and everything in between. 13De Marzo has something for any occasion.

13De Marzo takes immense pride in their creations, ensuring that each piece exudes a harmonious blend of artistry and innovation. Their commitment to pushing boundaries is evident through their collaborations with renowned icons such as Looney Tunes, NASA, Care Bears, and many more. These partnerships amplify the brand’s uniqueness and offer an enchanting fusion of charm and nostalgia.

13De Marzo is constantly evolving and setting new standards of creativity. So prepare for a continuous stream of captivating releases and designs that defy convention. With every new collection, they redefine individuality and cuteness, striking a remarkable balance that sets them apart in the streetwear world.

Step into the realm of 13De Marzo, where creativity knows no boundaries, and fashion becomes an artistic voyage. Indulge in a world where plush companions become the focal point of an outfit, adding an element of charm and wonder to your personal style. Embrace the allure of 13De Marzo, and let your imagination run wild as you embark on a unique wearing experience like no other. 13De Marzo’s popularity as a brand has skyrocketed and has proven through its versatility and creative approach that it’s a brand that’s here to stay.


What does 13De Marzo mean?

13De Marzo has the literal translation of the 13th of March. However, the meaning of this specific date is the brand’s birth, but also means peace and happiness in Chinese culture.

What is 13De Marzo?

13De Marzo is a clothing brand from Paris. This brand has stood out for having plush toys attached to almost all of its clothing pieces.

Is 13De Marzo for men or women?

13De Marzo is a unisex brand, however, some pieces are more feminine such as skirts, dresses, and jeans.

Can you take the bears off?

Most 13De Marzo pieces have buttons or pins that make it easy to attach and detach the bears. Some pieces such as the Doozoo Heart Luminous Tee

How do you wash the clothes?

We recommend removing the plush attachments prior to putting them in the washing machine. Please refer to the wash tag inside the clothing pieces for specific instructions.

What is the sizing like?

13De Marzo is generally oversized..



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13De Marzo x Peko Bear Fleece Coat Grey



13De Marzo x Peko Bear Fleece Coat Grey

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