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The vibrant t-shirt is a creation of the renowned Korean streetwear brand, ADLV, an abbreviation of the French phrase ‘Acme De La Vie,’ which translates to ‘The Pinnacle of Life.’ Despite its Korean roots, the brand chose a French name to symbolize reaching the zenith of life, a moment of unparalleled achievement and success. ADLV is recognized not just for its unique designs but also for its commitment to quality and affordability.

The twin brothers, Jinmo Goo and Jaemo Goo founders of the streetwear fashion brand had each met with disappointment in their separate business endeavours. They chose to turn their setbacks into an opportunity to embark on a fresh journey together. Fuelled by their shared aspiration to attain success and reach life’s full potential, they reached out to their sister in France. In their quest for a name that reflected their ambition, they learned from her that ‘peak’ translates to ‘Acme’ in French. Inspired, they adopted this powerful term, marking the beginning of their brand. Thus, through resilience and a shared vision, the Acme brand was born.

Since its launch in late 2017, ADLV has been making significant waves in the global fashion scene. Its unique approach blends current streetwear trends delivering maximum comfort and functionality for the modern urban lifestyle. This innovative take on fashion perfectly merged with the rising hype beast trend worldwide, propelling the brand to unprecedented heights. ADLV’s popularity has grown significantly with products which range from t-shirts and hoodies to jackets and other outerwear. These are all crafted with the highest quality fabrics, ensuring both comfort and style. The brand continues to innovate by applying the latest trends in streetwear fashion, solidifying its place as a trendsetter in the industry. Its trendsetting Baby Face and Bear collections, along with its signature oversized fits has become a staple among fashion enthusiasts.

The brand continues to innovate by applying the latest trends in streetwear fashion, solidifying its place as a trendsetter in the industry. ADLV has embarked in exciting collaborations with iconic brands such as The Simpsons, Hello Kitty, and Pokemon, demonstrating its versatility and undying appeal. With its unique designs and collaborations, ADLV continues to redefine streetwear fashion for contemporary, style-conscious individuals. ADLV releases their products in limited sizes generally only releasing sizes 1 & 2 for tees and hoodies. Some pieces such as the ADLV Sanrio Hello Kitty 3D Artwork Crop Tees, Headwear, and other accessories are only available in one size.

Adding to its appeal is the popular K-pop idol group, Twice, who serve as brand ambassadors for ADLV. Their association undoubtedly increased the brand’s appeal, projecting its popularity to new dimensions. From stylish hoodies to chic long-sleeved shirts, ADLV’s collection caters to all the hype beasts seeking to make a fashion statement.


How does ADLV fit?

Generally, Size 1 is similar to a Medium-Large fit, and Size 2 is more of a Large-extra-large fit. Please note individual size preferences and fittings can vary.

Is ADLV good quality?

Yes, ADLV tees are made of a high-quality cotton material. The brand is known for its zero compromise on quality

Why are there only two sizes of ADLV?

ADLV is known for its oversized fits, releasing in two sizes ensures an oversized fit for ADLV fans.

What are the most popular ADLV items?

The Teddy Bear (Bear Doll), Donut Girl/Boy, and Baby Face collections are the main top sellers for ADLV.

Is ADLV a luxury brand?

Not quite. Despite ADLV being a high-quality brand, it is not quite at the level of high-end brands.

Why is ADLV so popular?

ADLV has combined the oversized fit with unique prints, which have left a mark within the streetwear industry.



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ADLV Basic Ball Cap White



ADLV Basic Ball Cap White

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