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The Yeezy 750 is one of the most iconic Yeezy silhouettes when they made their official general release debut in 2016. This sneaker needed to make a boom in the sneaker world following Kanye’s departure from his Nike partnership. The Yeezy 750 holds premium and luxurious material suede for the upper portion of the shoe, and of course, the shoe would not be Adidas without the Boost technology in the sole.

This shoe needed to be a statement in the sneaker world, and Kanye was always one step ahead As the iconic sneaker was only an extremely limited release in 2015, it created a sense of hype and exclusivity around the shoe. Kanye built the hype for the Yeezy 750 even further as he teased sneaker fans by wearing his sneaker to the 2016 Givenchy Spring Summer show. This built the hype exponentially for this singular silhouette as sneaker fans were itching for the release.

Yeezy 750 holds a high profile in the sneaker market as it was one of the first looks of Kanye’s love for simplicity and minimalism, using premium materials to allow the silhouette to make a statement for itself. Sticking to the theme of minimalism, Kanye and Adidas adopted the style of a boot with this sneaker while adding notable features to keep the shoe interesting. The shoe features a side zip that allows for easy slip-on and off without having to unlace the whole shoe due to its boot-cut shape. The zip is encased by a zip flap to keep the all-suede aesthetic from being distracted by the metallic YKK zip.

The outsole of the shoe resembles the familiar Yeezy 350 outsole, however, does not hold the same level of flexibility and is comprised of a more sturdy, rubber material. Similar to the Yeezy 350 again, the BOOST technology is exposed at the bottom of the shoe, holding one of the best features of an Adidas-manufactured shoe. A more subtle feature of the outsole on one colourway of the sneaker is easy to miss at first glance, is that the sole can glow in the dark. After being exposed to UV light, the outsole will have a light glow to them when placed in the dark. This is just another feature that is implemented into the shoe that allows for a heavy emphasis on the design of the shoe without being too loud.

Another feature of this shoe is the shoe strap, which is unique to the Yeezy 750. Although it has no clear functional purpose, the strap on the shoe allows the shoe to be highly recognised when worn out in the street. The strap itself is also made of the same premium suede material and is secured simply just by velcro.

This sneaker made an undeniable impact in the sneaker market due to the excitement built around it being the first Adidas Yeezy shoe. This shoe does not disappoint when it comes to style, comfort, quality, and exclusivity. It is definitely a shoe to remember.



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Adidas Yeezy 750 Light Grey Glow In The Dark



Adidas Yeezy 750 Light Grey Glow In The Dark

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