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In the industrial heartland of Detroit, Michigan, back in 1889, Hamilton Carhartt embarked on a mission to create workwear that could withstand the toughest conditions. Equipped with just two sewing machines and a vision for durability, Carhartt laid the foundation for what would become a legendary American brand. Today, Carhartt is celebrated not only for its strong craftsmanship but also for its timeless style that has transcended generations.

From its early days providing workwear for railroad workers, to becoming a reputable supplier of military uniforms during World Wars, Carhartt has consistently upheld its reputation for producing gear that’s more than just apparel, it’s a symbol of resilience. As the decades passed, Carhartt expanded its operations across the United States, establishing manufacturing plants in Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas. This growth was paralleled by its enduring commitment to quality, ensuring each garment bore the hallmarks of durability and functionality.

The 1980s and 90s marked a pivotal moment for Carhartt as it found new admirers in urban youth and the hip-hop community. Embracing Carhartt’s rugged aesthetics and utilitarian design, these influencers brought the brand into the spotlight, turning workwear into a fashion statement. This crossover appeal not only diversified Carhartt’s audience but also showcased its ability to blend durability with trend-setting style.

Among Carhartt’s standout pieces are the iconic Detroit jackets, such as the J97 and J01, known for their heavy-duty cotton duck fabric and quilted linings that provide warmth and comfort. These jackets, with their corduroy collars, are decorated with paint splatters that give a vintage character. They’re not just garments but artifacts of workmanship and heritage.

Carhartt’s Double Knee Pants, like the B01 and B136, embody the brand’s commitment to durability. Constructed from sturdy duck fabric with reinforced double knees, these pants boast a distressed, well-loved look that tells a story of hard work and resilience. They’re equipped with multiple pockets and tool slots, offering both practicality and unique charm.

For those seeking a strong Carhartt presence, let us introduce the Carpenter Pants, including the B11 and B111. Crafted from heavyweight duck fabric, these pants bear the marks of their heavy-duty usage, from paint splatters to worn-in textures that exude authenticity. With their classic and relaxed fits, along with ample pockets and tool loops, these pants seamlessly blend workwear heritage with contemporary style.

At KICKSTW, we’re proud to offer a curated selection of vintage Carhartt apparel that celebrates the brand’s rich heritage. Each piece, meticulously sourced and handpicked, embodies the rugged durability and unique character that defines Carhartt’s legacy. Sprinkled with pieces that tell their own stories, covered in paint splatters, distressed fabric, fading, and aging, each piece is uniquely its own. Whether you’re adding to your workwear collection or looking to infuse your wardrobe with timeless style, KICKSTW provides a platform to discover Carhartt’s lasting reputation.

As we reflect on Carhartt’s journey from humble beginnings to global recognition, one thing remains clear; its commitment to craftsmanship, durability, and style defeats all. Whether you’re navigating the demands of a job site or seeking everyday apparel that stands the test of time, Carhartt’s offerings at KICKSTW shine with their distressed charm and storied history. Join us in celebrating a brand that continues to define what it means to be well-dressed and well-prepared in any setting.

Discover vintage Carhartt pieces at KICKSTW and embrace a legacy of craftsmanship and style that spans over a century. Each garment tells a story of hard work, resilience, and the enduring appeal of American workwear. Visit our store or browse online to find your next statement piece that blends durability with distinctive character. Carhartt awaits—a testament to quality, authenticity, and timeless style.



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Carhartt Vintage Double Knee Pants Grey B136 (36 x 30)



Carhartt Vintage Double Knee Pants Grey B136 (36 x 30)

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