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LifeWork, a flourishing Korean fashion brand, is making waves in the global fashion scene with its innovative and striking streetwear designs. The brand embodies the vibrant energy of K-Pop culture and the urban coolness of Seoul street style, resulting in a unique blend of fashion-forward sensibility and relaxed comfort. Catering to a discerning clientele that values individuality and flair, LifeWork is a brand that stands out in the fast-paced world of street fashion. It’s with great pleasure that we introduce LifeWork to the KICKSTW store in Melbourne, Australia, where its distinctive style is poised to create a sensation.

LifeWork is celebrated for its trendsetting designs and forward-thinking approach, both of which are reflective of its commitment to innovation and style. The brand’s bold and distinctive prints are a hallmark of its collections, adding a unique touch to every piece. Notably, LifeWork’s signature symbol, the print of the ‘Frenchie’ dog, has garnered considerable recognition and acclaim. This original symbol, symbolic of the brand’s playful and spirited ethos, has become synonymous with LifeWork’s identity in the realm of streetwear. It is this blend of creativity and originality that positions LifeWork at the forefront of the global K-Pop inspired fashion scene.

In an exciting new development, LifeWork has announced that the highly popular K-Pop group, 8TURN, will be the new ambassadors for the brand. Known for their cutting-edge style and trendsetting aesthetic, 8TURN’s association with LifeWork is a match made in heaven. Their charismatic image and vibrant persona perfectly echo the brand’s spirit, making them the ideal representatives for LifeWork’s innovative and striking streetwear designs. This collaboration not only reinforces LifeWork’s deep roots in K-Pop culture but also highlights its commitment to aligning with figures who reflect the brand’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach to fashion. With 8TURN on board, LifeWork is set to take the global fashion scene by storm, one unique piece at a time.

An exemplary feature of LifeWork’s collection is the seamless compatibility of their streetwear designs with all types of hype sneakers. Whether it’s the classic Nike Air Force 1s, the ever-popular Air Jordans, the stylish range of Yeezy’s, or any other hype sneaker in your collection, LifeWork’s tees and hoodies are the perfect companion to complement and elevate your look. The brand’s intricate design elements, vibrant prints, and relaxed silhouette easily align with the aesthetics of these sneaker giants, creating an ensemble that is not only trendy and comfortable, but also distinctly personal and unique. This effortless mix and match capability further strengthens LifeWork’s position as a leading name in the global streetwear scene. With LifeWork’s apparel in your wardrobe, your style game is bound to reach new heights.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the cutting-edge designs and bold prints of LifeWork, available now at KICKSTW in Melbourne. Join us as we welcome this trendsetting brand into our store and embrace its spirit of individuality and flair.



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LifeWork 8TURN Signature Tee Blue TS995



LifeWork 8TURN Signature Tee Blue TS995

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