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The New Balance 2002R has been making waves in the sneaker market as it fits the ‘dad shoe’ trend perfectly but also exhibits a subtle yet distinctive style amongst the sneaker community.

New Balance reintroduced the iconic 2002 silhouette in 2020 with a new name: the New Balance 2002R. This updated version of the classic sneaker quickly gained attention and popularity and quickly became a prominent silhouette in their collection.

The brand gained significant traction on this shoe after collaborating with the renowned footwear designer, Salehe Bembury. This was monumental as Benbury has a unique aesthetic and pays close attention to detail which led to the shoe being seen in a new perspective by the sneakier community and build appreciation for the 2002R model.

Another collaboration that helped elevate the New Balance 2002R’s status was with thisneverthat, a Seoul-based streetwear brand. The partnership resulted in a limited edition release that combined the distinctive style of thisneverthat with the refined craftsmanship of New Balance. Additionally, Invincible, a Taiwanese sneaker boutique, also created their version of the sneaker featuring luxurious materials and intricate details, further enhancing the appeal of the shoe.

One of the standout releases within the New Balance 2002R lineup is the Protection Pack. This collection explored the concept of erosion and deconstruction which resulted in a visually striking design. The use of suede overlays created a sculptural effect, adding depth and texture to the shoe’s appearance, which allows the shoe to exhibit a more rugged look, that appeals to a more relaxed and distressed streetwear vibe that is popular within the streetwear culture.

This shoe is manufactured to be very lightweight, making it the perfect shoe to wear all day. The sole holds gel cushioning, known as N-ergy from the heel to the mid-foot, providing you with extra cushioning and comfort. New Balance structures the 2002R with an extremely breathable mesh, which is mainly focused on the toe box. The upper also consists of a dusty suede material, however, the materials may vary slightly between colourways. Various colourways have their slight differences between them, for example, there may be a felt New Balance logo on the tongue or a New Balance Running badge on other pairs.

Overall the New Balance 2002R has certainly solidified its place in the sneaker market and streetwear community through its high-profile collaborations and distinctive designs, making it a must-need in every rotation. The reimagined silhouette has made the New Balance 2002R a sought-after shoe for both sneaker enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals.

How does the New Balance 2002R fit?

This shoe runs slightly small and may require you to size up half a size, however, fit preferences may vary between individuals.

Is the New Balance 2002R good for running?

Although it has ‘running’ written on the badge, this shoe only holds the aesthetics of a running shoe and not the functionality, however, is a very good walking shoe.

What is the difference between 2002 and 2002R?

The New Balance 2002R is the reimagined model of the New Balance 2002. The 2002R has a more sleek design.







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New Balance 2002R Protection Pack Light Arctic Grey Purple



New Balance 2002R Protection Pack Light Arctic Grey Purple

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