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Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver. 100% & 400% Set Blue

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Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver. 100% & 400% Set Blue


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Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver. 100% & 400% Set Blue

Enhance your collection with the mesmerizing Anever 3rd Version Bearbrick set, brought to you by Medicom Toy! This dynamic duo promises a visual spectacle as both the 100% and 400% figures flaunt a captivating transparent blue body, making them a truly distinctive and sought-after addition to any Bearbrick collector’s treasure trove.

This Bearbrick stands as a tribute to the captivating partnership between the renowned Japanese toy manufacturer, MediCom Toy Incorporated, and the esteemed high-end accessories and handbag company, Anever. This 28cm Bearbrick is not just a collectible; it’s a mesmerizing fusion of art, fashion, and timeless beauty. Adorned with the trademark translucent floral patterns characteristic of Anever, this iconic bear aims to encapsulate the essence of capturing the delicate beauty of flowers in a single, timeless moment.

The vivid design of the Bearbrick Anever 400% & 100% evokes a sense of enchantment with its delicate chemistry of colours, ranging from soft and subtle shades of blue and green to bold bursts of green, aqua, and vibrant yellow. To commemorate the collaboration, Anever’s distinct branding elegantly resides on the left side of the chest, completing this masterpiece of art and collectible fashion. It’s not just a bear; it’s an artistic statement, a harmonious blend of creativity, and a treasure that transcends time itself.

We also have Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver. 1000% Blue


What is a Bearbrick?

Bearbricks are collectible toy figures produced and designed by Medicom Toy Incorporated in Japan. They are characterized by their bear-like shape and feature various designs, collaborations, and themes.

What is Anever?

Anever is a high-end accessories and handbag company known for its luxury products and distinct design aesthetics.

What is the significance of the “3rd Ver.” in Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver.?

This Bearbrick is the third version of the collaboration between Bearbrick and Anever. They have been released in limited quantities, signifying their exclusivity.

How big are the figures in the Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver. set?

This release comes in the 400% & 100% set, and also 1000%

What are the design features of the Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver.?

This Bearbrick is engulfed by a translucent flower pattern of various colours consisting mainly of blue and green with hints of purple and yellow.

Are there other Bearbrick collaborations similar to the Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver.?

Previous collaborations of Bearbrick x Anever also have this design pattern on the entirety of the Bearbrick.


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Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver. 100% & 400% Set Blue

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Bearbrick x Anever 3rd Ver. 100% & 400% Set Blue

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