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Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 400%

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Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 400%


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Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 400%

The Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 400% emerges as the classic toy for fans of both Bearbrick and Sesame Street. Standing at an impressive 11 inches, this collectible is a visual delight, presenting a Bearbrick adorned in a plush, furry red cover that pays homage to the beloved Sesame Street character, Elmo.

Medicom Toy, renowned for its innovative collaborations and high-quality collectibles, has reintroduced the iconic Elmo Costume Ver. 2 in Bearbrick form. This version serves as a sequel to the widely acclaimed original release in 2020, which captured the hearts of collectors and Sesame Street enthusiasts alike. Due to the resounding popularity of the original release, Medicom Toy has responded with this more affordable yet equally enchanting V2 version.

The most striking feature of the Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 lies in its meticulous design, meticulously crafted to replicate Elmo’s endearing persona. The Bearbrick itself, a vinyl art toy with a distinctive bear-shaped silhouette, provides the perfect canvas for Sesame Street’s beloved character. Cloaked in a furry red cover, this 400% version seamlessly blends the worlds of Bearbrick and Sesame Street, creating a collectible that is as visually appealing as it is nostalgic.

The decision to revisit the Elmo Costume in Bearbrick form speaks volumes about the ever-lasting charm and cultural significance of Sesame Street. Elmo, with his contagious laughter and friendly demeanour, has become a symbol of joy and childhood memories. Medicom Toy’s dedication to producing a second version is a testament to their commitment to delighting fans and collectors with timeless and cherished characters.

What sets the Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 apart is not only its charming design but also its affordability. While maintaining the high standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail that Medicom Toy is renowned for, this version offers enthusiasts a more accessible entry point into the world of Bearbrick collectibles. It opens the door for both seasoned collectors and newcomers to indulge in the joy of owning a piece that seamlessly combines the distinct aesthetics of Bearbrick and the beloved Sesame Street character.

Beyond its collectible nature, the Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 is a celebration of the creative intersection of pop culture and art. It serves as a physical manifestation of the enduring impact that iconic characters like Elmo continue to have on diverse audiences from all over the world. Whether displayed proudly on a collector’s shelf or sitting on a desk, this Bearbrick sparks conversations and evokes nostalgic memories.

The Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 400% encapsulates the essence of joy, nostalgia, and artistic collaboration. As a fusion of Bearbrick’s distinctive form and Sesame Street’s timeless character, it stands as a testament to the enduring magic of collectibles. With its accessible pricing and enchanting design, this Bearbrick iteration is not just a toy; it’s a delightful journey into the heart warming world of Sesame Street and the artistry of Medicom Toy.


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Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 400%

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Bearbrick x Sesame Street Elmo Costume Ver. 2 400%

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