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Beabrick Flash Sale

Bearbrick flash Sale 10% off

Bearbrick collectible figures are the perfect way to add something unique to your space. From 100% to 1000%, Bearbricks are now 10% off with coupon code KSBEAR.

Available on all Bearbricks, including existing sale items, and valid until 23/07/2023 at midnight.

But first, what are Bearbricks? Created by Medicom, a Japanese toy company, their Bearbricks are essentially a designer collectible bear-shaped figure, consisting of 9 individual parts, the Bearbrick creates a sleek and contemporary look. The Bearbrick figures have many influences from art, music, movies, pop culture, and influential figures, creating art that reflects the real world. Bearbricks, like other collectibles are produced in limited quantities, and specific releases can hold high market prices.

The Bearbrick series has created a large following for itself, consisting of collectors, streetwear enthusiasts, and high-profile celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, DJ Khaled, and more. The signature bear shape has collaborated with other popular names such as KAWS, Bape, Chanel, Fragment Design, and many more.

At KICKSTW a wide range of 100%, 400%, and 1000% Bearbricks are available. 100% Bearbricks is approximately 7cm tall and are available to be purchased individually, in blind boxes, or in a set with the corresponding 400% Bearbrick. The 400% Bearbrick is approximately 28cm tall. Most 400% Bearbricks are sold with a 100% size, however, there are some 400% Bearbricks that do not come with the 100% version such as the Sesame Street Elmo Costume Version 2,Pokemon Pikachu Female Version, and Care Bears Secret Bear Pink. Lastly, the biggest Bearbrick size is 1000%, standing at approximately 70cm in height. This sized Bearbrick is mainly what you see being used as an aesthetic décor piece in people’s homes. The 1000% Bearbrick can be seen as an investment piece as each figurine is handcrafted by artisans and the hyped collaborative pieces are very exclusive, thus can add more monetary value to each piece.

Bearbricks are one of the most coveted collectible items. This is due to the hype around the brand as Medicom is known to keep upcoming releases a secret until their release date. This creates suspense around the brand and will keep Bearbrick fans on their toes when it comes to release day. Additionally, the most high value collectible collaboration pieces are extremely limited and hard to find. An example of this is the Chanel 1000% Bearbrick. This Bearbrick was produced in a very limited amount and only displayed within some Chanel boutiques. This figurine was not released to the public market, thus increasing the value of this design even higher and can easily reach prices of up to $100,000 in auction. However, you don’t need to spend over $100k to get a piece that will elevate your space. There are many other designs and collaborations well below this price point that can be just as fascinating to admire, such as the Garfield Gold Chrome Version, PiL Chrome Version, and more.


KICKSTW is giving you the chance to save some coins and grab a Bearbrick to spice up your space. Use discount code KSBEAR for 10% off the Bearbrick of your dreams, for a limited time only. Offer is available on all Bearbricks, including existing sale items.




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