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Japan’s Medicom Toy company is a brand most well known for its plastic figurines, designs and manufactures of the famous toy, BE@RBRICKS. The company was founded in 1996 to manufacture figures and approved items in limited edition quantities. It has produced plastic characters in popular culture for a long time. The BE@RBRICK, is an anthropomorphised bear and the have the similarity of a human shape. With the first BE@RBRICK called the 100 per cent, all subsequent sizes have followed the same method of sizing. Generally, BE@RBRICKS range between 50 per cent to 1000 percent in sizing. BE@RBRICKS have almost achieved the unthinkable, putting themselves at a crossroads between art, fashion, culture and fun. It has won everybody over, regardless of gender or age because of its simple and recognisable nature. The floodgates for collectibles have been opened by Medicom Toy company, who invented toys to promote and distribute hype items as their main intention. Since its limited-edition approach ensures a long-lasting emphasis, these types of art are expressed by BE@RBRICKS in the numerous partnerships and collaborations with other brands and identities. Its partnership encourages writers, singers, businesses and more to deliver a token design they can buy or exist with their fanbases. This not only aims to make the brand more recognisable, but it also extends BE@RBRICKS through a range of interest groups and backgrounds, which  ensures it continues to thrive as a business.

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