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Where Sneaker dreams comes to life

Step into a realm where sneaker dreams come to life – KICKSTW’s Level 1 store is not just a soft opening, it’s an invitation to a heightened streetwear experience. As the doors open, a fusion of style, innovation, and community awaits, making this an event that surpasses the ordinary.

KICKSTW’s Level 1 is more than a store; it’s a celebration of streetwear culture. Nestled in the heart of the city, this fashion-forward escape calls streetwear fans, fashion enthusiasts, and trendsetters alike. The space is a symphony of design, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with a nod to street art, creating an atmosphere that is as dynamic as the kicks it houses.

pushing the boundaries of Melbourne’s streetwear culture

What sets Level 1 apart is its commitment to pushing the boundaries of Melbourne’s streetwear culture, bringing brands from one of the most influential countries when it comes to fashion, Korea. This is not just a retail space, it’s a destination. The carefully curated selection of new brands spans an emerging range that you’re sure to love.

Level 1 is introducing a lineup that is set to redefine the Melbourne streetwear game. Let us introduce;

Mardi Mercredi, a brand that adds a touch of elegance to everyday items by incorporating its distinctive floral graphic in an array of colours and materials.

Next up is Kodak, the ‘Kodak Style’ has transcended from cameras into the realm of streetwear reflecting their history in their clothing.

LifeWork will also find its home on Level 1, the cute French Bulldog stands out on the front, adding a fashion-forward statement to your fit.

Emis, our saviour for accessories and caps gives you every colourway, and an array of materials to fit your look.

Of course, we can’t forget everyone’s favourite Korean brand Acme De La Vie (ADLV), which comes through with the oversized look of your dreams.

Finally, Ambler will also be making its way down as one of the favourites for clothing with cute bears and graphics to add a smile to your fit.

Matin Kim emerges as a innovator in the dynamic world of fashion, driven by a commitment to creating a unique cultural fusion that effortlessly marries trendiness with comfort. 

What It IsN’t emerges as a vibrant and distinctive player in the realm of streetwear and branding, showing off a unique and playful approach that sets it apart from the crowd.

Far From What surpasses the traditional boundaries of fashion by embodying the values of a socially conscious brand. Rooted in beliefs that extend far beyond merely aesthetics, the brand’s journey began with the collection and documentation of stimuli from diverse surroundings.

Embark on your next fashion journey with Grailz, a contemporary Korean fashion label that redefines streetwear for the next generation, seamlessly blending modern style with a throwback vibe. At the heart of Grailz’s brand lies a commitment to crafting streetwear staples that transcend the boundaries of conventional style, creating a dynamic fusion of modern and retro.

Step into the world of KIRSH, a brand that declares its identity through the motto of “Research and Creativity.” At the core of KIRSH is a commitment to dive into the realms of innovation and imagination, reflecting a dynamic balance between streetwear research and boundless creative expression.

Step into the legacy of innovation with MARITHÉ + FRANCOIS GIRBAUD, a distinguished brand founded by the creative minds of Marithé Bacheellerie and Francois Girbaud in France in 1972.

Celebration of Korean fashion

The opening of Level 1 isn’t just an unveiling, it’s a celebration of Korean fashion. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere buzzing with the energy of a community brought together by a shared passion. Level 1 isn’t just a store, it’s a hub where Korea’s fashion influence thrives.

The new space doesn’t end there. KICKSTW’s Level 1 promises an ongoing journey of discovery for all who step into its immersive world, making sure you get the best of the best and are always up to date with the newest waves.

The opening of KICKSTW’s Level 1 store isn’t just a new space, it’s an experience waiting to unfold. It’s an invitation to explore, connect, and celebrate the vibrant world of streetwear culture. Step into a space where clothing is a canvas for self-expression, innovation, and community. KICKSTW Level 1 isn’t just a store, it’s a movement, and you’re invited to be part of it from day one.



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