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KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Brown (Display Condition)

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KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Brown (Display Condition)


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KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Brown (Display Condition)

For contemporary art and designer collectible fans, the KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Brown is nothing short of a masterpiece. This figure marries the iconic Bearbrick silhouette with the unmistakable artistic vision of KAWS, leaving admirers and collectors in awe of its exceptional design. Standing at the 400% size, this art toy demands attention. It is a true work of art that has a presence that can’t be ignored. With its bold stature, this Bearbrick Dissected figure redefines the boundaries of designer toy collectibles, making it a central piece in any collection.

The defining characteristic of this Bearbrick is its intricate dissection design, a hallmark of KAWS’ unique artistic style. This design displays an innovative and artful approach to deconstructing the Bearbrick, revealing its inner structure, and reimagining it as an art object in and of itself. It’s a thought-provoking commentary on the intersection of art and consumer culture that KAWS is renowned for, similar to the KAWS Astro Boy Figure and Kaws Dior BFFs. The meticulous dissection in this KAWS Bearbrick showcases the complex interplay of shapes, lines, and textures, highlighting the artist’s exceptional attention to detail.

The KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Brown is a testament to KAWS’ ability to merge the worlds of street art and designer toys seamlessly. With its distinct and intricate design, it bridges the gap between the urban art scene and high-end collectibles. This figure is a true collector’s item, appealing to both seasoned art enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of designer toys.

The choice of brown as the primary colorway adds a layer of warmth and sophistication to this Bearbrick Dissected figure. It’s a departure from the conventional Bearbrick designs, providing a distinct and inviting aesthetic that is both visually captivating and rich in character. This unique coloration serves to enhance the Bearbrick’s tactile qualities that we all know and love, as seen with the many releases of Bearbrick such as Tom & Jerry, Batman, Grateful Dead, and more.

The KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Brown is an exceptional piece of art that deserves a place of prominence in any collection. Its combination of artistry, size, and unique design sets it apart, making it a stand-out addition for those who appreciate art’s evolving relationship with popular culture. This Bearbrick figure is not merely an object; it’s a conversation starter, a statement piece, and an embodiment of KAWS’ enduring influence on the art world and beyond.

The product is in display condition with the original box. Minor scratches on the bottom of the head. Go to KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Black if you are looking for the black color of this product. 


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KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Brown (Display Condition)

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KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 400% Brown (Display Condition)

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